#Sweden:Report: Gang members work at Arlanda Airport


Several people with links to criminal organizations work at strategic positions at Arlanda Airport. It reports Kvällsposten.

Among other things, it is about staff who make security checks of travelers and who x-ray baggage.

Kvällsposten has taken note of a secret notification report from the police authority, which this autumn was sent out to managers within the border police.

The report is based on information from the police intelligence unit, and is based inter alia on interviews within the police and other law enforcement authorities.

According to the report, there are remarkably many links between airport employees and criminal networks. Networks engaged in drug trafficking and serious violent crimes.

People connected to these networks will in many cases work at strategic positions at Arlanda Airport – a protection object with almost 25 million passengers annually.

In one case, the police in the report describe how an employee at Arlanda forms part of “very well organized smuggling of goods in suitcases and parcels”.

According to Kvällsposten, people who are full members of a criminal gang must have had access to the runway. They belong to a company that, according to the report, can be linked to drug trafficking.

The report also notes that Arlanda is a place that is vulnerable to terrorist threats.


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