#Set of keys, knife and necklace among 80 objects removed from Indian man’s stomach by surgeons


A set of keys, a knife and a necklace were among more than 80 objects doctors removed – from a man’s stomach.

The incredible haul of metal was removed from inside a 24-year-old man who went to hospital with stomach pain and chronic sickness.

Tests were carried out and doctors discovered the patient’s stomach was full of coins, nail cutters, keys, a knife and even glass.

They were removed by surgeons at the Rabindranath Tagore Hospital in Udaipur, India, on June 15.

Dr D K Sharma, head of surgery, said: “We investigated him by doing an upper endoscopy, CT scan and x-ray of his abdomen and intestinal area, and noticed foreign objects in his abdomen and colon.

“We surgically opened the stomach and were surprised to see various objects, ranging from coins, chillums (short clay pipes used for smoking marijuana), nail cutters, some glass objects, keys, key rings, a necklace, a hair clip, a knife blade, safety pin, a spectacle-neck-chord-strap.”


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