Pope Francis’ apologies are considered insufficient

Tanya Talaga is visibly disappointed with the apology that Pope Francis presented to Indians in Canada yesterday, Monday, July 25, 2022. “You can’t say ‘sorry’ and then walk away,” writes the original journalist in the newspaper Globe and Mail. She believes that, in addition to words, the church must take action. “The apologies make us want more,” the journalist continues, pointing out that they were presented in Spanish, the Pope’s native language. “Our own mother tongue is now only a distant memory, a whisper. These excuses will not bring back those who have suffered, who have died or who have taken their own lives.” And Tanya Talaga concludes: “We, the First Nations, know that it is not the Church that will save us, but ourselves. We can save ourselves by turning to our families, rediscovering our spirituality, our language and our ceremonies. It is not from a man in white that we get peace.”

“The Pope beats around the bush”, writes the daily. Imagine having your childhood stolen from you, separated from your family, from your cultural heritage. Starve you, beat you, even rape you. Let your little brother be buried in an unmarked grave. And so, the paper continues, if decades later, “the head of one of the organizations responsible for the abuse apologized, you would probably want that person to speak directly to you. May she take the burden of your suffering on his shoulders and on his organization.

Religious LogicAccording The press, the apartment was perfect though. In the small stadium of Maskwacis, “the trinity church-government-colonial power at the heart of the policy of assimilation was united in one place. Unfortunately, La Presse believes, “the essence of the Pope’s message (…) remained the same as that which had already was delivered in Rome (to a delegation of natives, editor’s note). And this message excludes the responsibility of the Church with a capital “E”. Once again”, the newspaper continues, “the Pope has placed the blame on the executors of a policy rather than on the organization that has long presented it as its duty to evangelize the “Indians”. The Pope asked God for forgiveness, but, the newspaper writes, let let’s put it this way, “he forces the survivors to submit to his religious logic”, instead of recognizing that “these are people who have hurt other people”.

Donald Trump looked past Rupert Murdoch. Some conservative newspapers distance themselves from Donald Trump. It’s the New York Post and the Wall Street Journal. Their common point: they both belong to Rupert Murdoch. The multi-billionaire who had supported Donald Trump during and after his presidency. The Murdoch-Trump divorce is the subject of an article by Political. The news site points out that last Friday the two New York newspapers, the tabloid New York Post and the bible of the business world, the Wall Street Journal, reached the same verdict following revelations by the commission of inquiry of 6. January: Donald Trump effectively violated the president’s sermon that he should defend and protect the Constitution. “Some may be surprised by this unusual criticism of the former president. But, writes Politico, this overlooks the fact that Rupert Murdoch has no friends, no feelings of loyalty and no principles. He has always supported politicians as long as it was in his interest. Donald Trump has come to the end of his political career, he has become replaceable.” Politico notes that Fox News, which is also owned by Rupert Murdoch, is starting to highlight Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.Only one thing could push the Australian-American multibillionaire to get closer to Donald Trump again, the news site writes: a victory for Donald Trump at election in 2024.

Brazilians rush to arms President Jair Bolsonaro, who has just officially launched the campaign for his re-election at the polls next October, has achieved a third of his election promises in 2018. That is the conclusion of the news siteG1. Among the promises that were kept are the establishment of a new social assistance plan and the easing of access to firearms. The effect of this measure was almost immediate: sales of 9 mm caliber pistols, which any Brazilian can now buy, doubled in 2021 compared to 2018, according to Folha de Sao Paulo. And that’s not all: according to Oh Estadothe pro-gun movement has decided to endorse 34 candidates for congressional elections next October and hopes to form a political party.

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