Over 5,000 to hospital after sandstorm

Most cases have a degree of severity that is judged to be at a medium or low level, and the majority of those who have sought care have been allowed to leave the hospitals, a spokesperson for the country’s health authority announces.

Six of the country’s 18 provinces, including the capital Baghdad, have been hit by the sandstorm, the seventh in a row in the country in just the past month.

In the provinces of Al-Anbar and Kirkuk, residents have been urged to stay indoors, reports the Iraqi state news agency Ina. During the day, there were reports that more than 700 people had sought hospital care in the province of Al-Anbar alone. In the province of Salaheddin, more than 300 cases were reported and in Najaf and Diwaniya about 100 cases each, according to the news agency.

Iraq is very sensitive to climate change and in recent years has had high temperatures and received unusually little rain. Several observers believe that these factors could lead to a social and economic disaster in the country.

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