Older naval goal robotic in all probability behind Odessa assault

It was in all probability a KH-22 robotic that crashed within the Odessa area yesterday, in line with the each day state of affairs replace from the British Ministry of Defense. The robotic crashed into an house constructing and at the very least 21 folks misplaced their lives.

The British write that the KH-22 is a Soviet naval goal robotic that just isn’t correct, is “unsuitable for precision attacks” and perhaps has prompted civilian casualties in current weeks. KH-22 is used when the shares of extra trendy robots have began theirs, in line with the intelligence.

Criticism from the UK

On the bottom, Russian forces proceed to make much less progress round Lysytjansk, with air and artillery assaults within the district, in line with the Ministry of Defense. Ukrainian forces are seemingly to proceed to dam Russian forces on the southeastern outskirts of Lyceum.

At the identical time, Britain condemns prisoners of battle “being exploited for political purposes”, after two extra British residents have been accused by the breakaway republic of Donetsk of being mercenaries.

Previously, three overseas troopers – two British and one Moroccan – have been sentenced to dying by a court docket in Donetsk for being mercenaries.

Contact with nuclear energy vegetation

In the south, Ukraine’s Atomic Energy Agency Energotom has re – established its connection to the monitoring methods on the Zaporizhia nuclear energy plant. It writes the authority on its Telegram channel.

The nuclear energy plant, which is the biggest in Europe, has been occupied by Russian forces because the starting of March.

“The IAEA lost touch with its surveillance systems after the occupiers cut all lines,” the company wrote.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has lengthy needed to examine the plant in southern Ukraine as quickly as doable, however so as to not legitimize the Russian occupation, Ukraine opposes such a go to.

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