Now the final hearing on las – News is decided

There are major questions about how the labor market will function in the future as unions and employers in the private sector are now trying to solve. What rules should apply in the event of dismissals, what help should employees and the dismissed be able to find new work through a strengthened system for adjustment and what should the support for the unemployed look like in the form of a collectively agreed unemployment insurance fund?

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In the last week, both the employers’ side and the unions have concretized their demands, which are basically that employers want to make it easier and cheaper to dismiss, while the unions want to abolish insecure forms of employment and bring about more skills development.

The negotiations have so far been mostly about the new adjustment system and the unemployment insurance fund, and also about what can be regulated in a new main agreement between the parties and what is to be decided by law.

Now in the final negotiations, however, all issues are on the table, including those that may be the most difficult to agree on – regarding employment protection in las – say several people with insight into the negotiations. A source states that the employer side’s list of demands is far-reaching and challenges LO’s line not to negotiate the concept of objective grounds for dismissal.

The pressure on the parties to agree is strong. If they fail, labor law should change politically instead.

In that case, the inquiry proposal from last spring will be implemented, it was last approved in the government budget last week. The proposal has been condemned by both the unions, the Minister of Labor and the Prime Minister and could lead to a government crisis if it is implemented because the Left Party then threatened to overthrow the government.

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