#Nothing tastes better than A hit of Cherrie Somali singers


Welcome to Morning Bop: each AM, we’ll be providing you with a blast of the latest music news headlines along with the perfect song you need to start your day.

Thursday’s #MorningBop is “163 För Evigt” by Cherrie featuring Z.E because this Somali-Swedish artist is a star on the rise that is worthy of your worship.

Cherrie – out of the dark
Season 1 – Section 1: The Lost Life – English version
They lost lives. Cherrie goes on an international tour with the hip-hop star Stormzy and plays in Paris. She tells us how the video recording of her breakthrough “Tabanja” was followed by a tragedy. Cherrie also tells about her growing up and greet her mother in Rinkeby. Part 1 of 3.

Cherrie – out of the dark
Season 1 – Section 2: Are we just statistics?
Are we just statistics? Cherrie meets Alejandro, whose little brother Robin is shot dead as a fifteen-year-old. Alejandro himself was shot at the moment, and today he is fighting with his mother to reduce violence. We also get an exclusive music video for the song “Angels”, as Cherrie wrote to pay homage to those killed and comfort their friends and families. Part 2 of 3.

Who’s wrong is that? Cherrie goes to Rosengård at the festival, and hangs with the artists Ozzy, Leslie Tay and Erik Lundin. At home in Stockholm, Cherry’s friends gather for barbeque on Järvafältet and young people appear poetry on stage. Part 3 of 3.

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