North Korean TV could also be allowed in South Korea

It will quickly be attainable for the South Korean public to entry North Korea’s tightly managed state media. South Korea plans to carry the decades-old blockade of North Korean tv, newspapers and different publications.

The announcement comes regardless of the elevated tensions between the nations in consequence of latest robotic exams from North Korea in June.

The transfer is an effort to advertise mutual understanding, in response to South Korea’s Unification Ministry.

Both South Korea and North Korea block the nations’ residents from accessing the opposite nation’s tv channels and web sites. According to the Reunification Ministry, the plan is to regularly ease restrictions to encourage North Korea to take comparable measures.

However, North Korea is unlikely to do the identical as a result of the stream of media content material from democratic South Korea would pose a big menace to North Korea’s authoritarian management, notes Professor Jeon Young-Sun of Seoul’s Konkuk University.

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