#Nearly 1,400 Britons got Swedish citizenship last year


Part of the national day celebration is that new citizens are welcomed at various ceremonies. More applications come from the UK, among other things

For Ahmad Shaban from Syria who became a Swedish citizen last year, it was a great day.

– Much, that I can live with my family here in Sweden where there is security, he says.

In the City Hall of Stockholm , the Navy Music Hall welcomed the new citizens with music by Avicii.

Last year, over 60,000 people were granted citizenship in Sweden. Most of them, 11,000, came from Syria.

One country from which applications are increasing is the United Kingdom. Nearly 1,400 Britons got Swedish citizenship last year, Russel O’Connell is one of them and the reason is clear.

– Brexit, unfortunately, just brexit. I travel a lot. Swedish passport, British passport, my wife has a Swedish passport and I do not want to be alone in the queue when we go to Spain, he says.

Alan Watson has also become a Swedish citizen.

– After 47 years here, but it’s just because of brexit too. We do not know what will happen in the UK.

Brexit has also influenced Peter White in the decision to apply for Swedish citizenship.

– It feels good, he says.

What will be different?

– To some level, I now get the same nationality as my children.


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