Navalny is subjected to “disciplinary action”

It was in mid-June that Navalny was transferred to the High Security Prison. In posts which have been posted on his social media accounts, Navalny describes his on a regular basis life.

On Saturdays, 5 hours at the stitching machine are sufficient, adopted by a couple of hours through the portrait – one thing that’s described by the jail as “disciplinary activities”. On Sundays, when he will get “free”, he has to spend ten hours in a room sitting on a wood bench.

Navalny additional states that he’s pressured to hearken to songs comparable to “Glory to the FSB”, a hymn to the Russian safety service.

“But you know me. I’m an optimist trying to see things from the bright side, even if my life is dark. I’m trying to have as much fun as I can. While I’m sewing, I’ve memorized Hamlet’s monologue in English.” tells Navalny in a put up posted on Facebook.

Several of Navalny’s workers, together with Leonid Volkov and Kira Yarmysh, describe his every day routine as “torture.”

The therapy of Navalny is seen within the West as utterly politically motivated, because the reputation of the Kremlin critic may threaten President Vladimir Putin’s regime.

In March, his jail sentence was prolonged from 2.5 to 9 years. Navalny appealed, however was denied.

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