#Missing Norwegian helicopter – major rescue operation is in progress


A helicopter with a woman and a man on board have been reported missing in Norway. A major rescue operation is in progress.
– We are uncertain of what has happened, says rescue leader Johan Mannsåker to NRK.

The helicopter was on its way from Røldal’s ski center to Karmøy north of Stavanger. It started at half past three on Sunday afternoon. Just before 22 on Sunday evening, the police alerted the rescue center that the helicopter was missing.

“It was friends and family for the two on board who contacted the police,” said rescue officer Johan Mannsåker at the rescue center in South Norway to VG .

Great rescue
A major rescue operation is underway. The Robinson 44 helicopter has room for four people. According to Norwegian NRK, there was a man and a woman on board.

– We are unsure of what has happened. If it has flown into an area without coverage and gone down for landing or if something else has happened, Johan Mannsåker says to NRK .

Rescue helicopters seek from the air while dogs are looking for it on the ground.


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