Malcolm X’s family requests reopening of

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56 years after the murder of Malcolm X, the family of the former activist is requesting the reopening of the investigation, after new elements were announced during a press conference at the weekend. Items allegedly involving the New York Police and the FBI.

“Any evidence that leads to the truth of what happened must be seriously examined.” For Ilyasah Shabazz, one of Malcolm X’s daughters, it is now necessary to reopen the investigation into the murder of the former bourgeois activist.

These statements follow new testimony implicating New York police and the FBI, reports our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki. It’s a letter written by a former New York police officer on his deathbed and authorized by his cousin to be released posthumously. The text was read during the press conference in the presence of Malcolm X’s daughters, which took place this Saturday, where Raymond Wood says he had been tasked with infiltrating the aftermath of the charismatic black leader. A few days before the murder, he was reportedly ordered to capture and arrest two of the black activist’s bodyguards.

Malcolm X was thus on reduced security on the day he was scheduled to speak in Harlem, on February 21, 1965. In Audubon, a ballroom in the Washington Heights neighborhood, three men broke in and stormed the room, opening fire and killed. Malcolm X seconds after he stepped away from the desk where he had just given his speech.

The FBI remains silent

The former police officer assures that the New York police and the FBI have kept certain aspects of the case secret.

After Saturday’s press conference, Malcolm X’s three daughters asked the New York prosecutor to resume the investigation. Cyrus Vance Jr.’s office said verification of the case was already underway. Police said they handed over all important documents. The FBI declined to comment on these new revelations.

“The study was rejected”

Last year, a documentary series aired on Netflix, Who Killed Malcolm X ?,had returned to the outstanding questions about the guilt of the two men convicted of the murder, Thomas Hagan who admitted firing. “The study was rejected,” he wrote in 2011Tony Booza, a New York City police inspector.

A few days before his murder, recalls Guardian, Malcolm X had told a reporter that they would kill him. According to him, they were members of the Nation of Islam, the political-religious organization of the African-American Muslim community of which he was a spokesman. His house in Queens had been attacked with firebombs a week before his death.

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