#Italian Prime Minister threatens to resign


In Italy, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has today set his two deputy prime ministers ahead of an ultimatum. If they do not renew their promise to go ahead with the cooperation, then Conte will leave the government himself.

Giuseppe Conte called for a press conference to ask the party leaders for Lega and the Five-Star Movement to renew their promises to continue the cooperation in the government.

More recently , an open conflict has cave between the two parties. It has partly been caused by the many election campaigns in both regional elections and in the EU election, where party leaders have participated actively and where Matteo Salvinis Lega has been strengthened, while Luigi Di Maios Five Star movement has backed. This has led to increasingly persistent speculation that the government is about to crack.

Conte said these constant election campaigns had to cease, and that the polemic took important energy from the mission of carrying out a lasting change in Italy.

If Conte does not receive insurance from both parties that they are prepared to continue the cooperation, then he is prepared to resign.

The fact that the prime minister calls for a press conference to speak to his closest employees can be seen as a sign of weakness, but the aim is also to strengthen his own role for the public.

As a non-political prime minister, his role is usually the one of a mediator, and his person is also openly questioned.

From both political camps, the first signals have come to the parties that the parties are in favor of continued cooperation.


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