IT crash impacts border controls and the Swedish police

A major IT crash affects the border police’s passport management and the police’s system for receiving crime reports.

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The disturbances mean that people who try to call in via 114 14, which can also be difficult, cannot make a report.

– This applies to the whole of Sweden. So we are a bit depressed here, says police spokesperson Sara Andersson.

The border police cannot carry out border checks, which also affects people at Arlanda. There, four flights with a couple of hundred passengers have had to wait. It has created some queues. Some are in the terminal, others have already boarded.

– We have resources there to help keep people at a distance. Fortunately, there is plenty of space at the airport, says David Karlsson at Swedavia’s press office.

Disruptions have occurred throughout the day, but in the last half hour the system has completely shut down.

– It is difficult to call 11414. We are working on the problem and hope that it will be fixed as soon as possible, says Malin Näver at the police’s national media center.

However, people can still urgently call 112.

– It does not affect the emergency operations. We can still send and order cars, says Sara Andersson.

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