Information: “Trump paid no one

The year he was elected president, ie 2016, Trump paid the equivalent of approximately SEK 7,000 in income tax.

This is reported by the New York Times and states that they have read more than 20 years of Trump’s declaration information.

The low or non-existent tax payments are said to be due to Trump, among other things, making very large loss carryforwards.

The New York Times also writes that Trump currently has major disputes with the US tax authorities as well as hundreds of millions of dollars in debt.

It is customary for presidential candidates to publish their declarations and taxes, but Trump has refused, arguing that he is under tax audit.

A lawyer representing the Trump organization, Alan Garten, told the New York Times that “most, if not all, of these facts appear to be incorrect.”

Garten also says that Trump has “paid tens of millions of dollars in taxes to the US government, including millions of dollars since announcing his presidential candidacy in 2015.”

During a press conference in the White House around midnight Swedish time, Trump denies the information in the New York Times and says that it is “totally fake news”.

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