Indonesia’s Covid-19 outbreak: Volunteers step up as

The Covid-19 outbreak continues to worsen in Indonesia. Powered by the highly portable Delta variant, cases and deaths have risen across the country. Hospitals have become overwhelmed, forcing some of the newly infected to have no choice but to isolate themselves at home. We see how volunteers have helped.

We also take a closer look at one of the sports at the Olympic Games. Keirin track cycling has its origins in Japan and for almost 80 years it has been a national obsession. The gaming market takes in billions of euros a year. Our reporters Constantin Simon, Pierre-Emmanuel Delétrée, Ryusuke Murata and Vikram Singh met the coach of the Japanese national team, the French cycling guru Benoît Vêtu.

Finally, we go to India, which has the second longest continuous wall on earth and stretches over 36 kilometers. It was built centuries ago to protect a massive fortress and more than 300 ancient temples. We take a closer look.


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