In the spotlight: Biden and Africa


So the United States has a new president, Joe Biden. And the press on the continent is very pleased, as is the Enquête au Senegal newspaper: “the good news is finally coming from Uncle Sam. In the greyness of Covid-19, with economies collapsing all over the world. “To prolong his nirvana in power, the fall of Donald Trump is a beautiful light that will illuminate the world, the Senegalese exclaim daily. Thus, America administers the proof that even the toughest politicians can be properly defeated by organization and method.”

But still points out the request, “if Joe Biden is necessarily more sympathetic than Trump, who has a hard time hiding his primary and medieval racism, America is not our country and its interests are not ours.”

Towards a thaw?

In fact, “what about the United States and Africa with the new president Joe Biden?” Asks the newspaper Today and Ouagadougou. With Donald Trump, relations with the continent were reduced to a minimum, not to mention that Africa was in the blind spot of the United States. ‘These shitty countries’, as he called them, did not interest the neoconservative war. Rarely has the Africa-USA axis been so polar-cold. “

So, continuing today, “should we expect a thaw? Absolutely no, the newspaper replies, because between the “broken” America between the Republicans and the Democrats, the new tenant in Pennsylvania Avenue will do nothing but stop the violations like Covid-19, racism, white supremacists, the climate agreement, in short. ” softens the rhetoric and heals America ”. Joe Biden will not have time to look elsewhere and especially not towards the black continent. ”

But “a few lines may move, Today believes, beginning with the Ethiopian scam where an armed conflict has raged for a week. Somalia with MISSOM and Sahel with terrorism can also see things change a little. If Trump had threatened to lower the 50 million dollars paid to Africa for the fight against terrorism and the withdrawal of the drones stationed in Niger, it can be hoped that Biden will not and will even things out.Sudan in transition, for example, which was about to be taken away from the list of terrorist countries against the recognition of the state of Israel, Sudan could see this document ratified. “

America first …

WakatSera, still in Burkina, echoes: “Will Joe Biden strengthen US support in this fight against terrorism by showing a more sustained American presence in this Sahel taken to the sanctuary by the jihadists?” and bandits of all stripes (…)? Hopefully, for the determination and regular strikes of the French Barkhane force, much less the slow start of the young European force Takuba, clearly does not do the trick. In any case, WakatSéra continues, although Africans would expect a bit from American leaders, logically concerned about “America first”, the continent has its eyes on the United States where democracy once again comes from everyone agrees. In Africa, Côte d’Ivoire and Guinea continue to count their deaths … “

A more “good” policy?

The online diary Malikilé sums up the general feeling: “Joe Biden’s advent could lead to a change of style, a slightly more” good “policy in the United States. However, Africans would be wrong when they believe in a spectacular and profound change in their relations with America thanks to the arrival of a Democrat in the White House. The example of Barack Obama is still with the people, Malikilé points out. The US President of African descent, the 44th President of the United States did not hide from Africans the enormous efforts that would be made to strive for development, through the education of their youth and through the establishment of “strong institutions”, enabling smooth political change, a guarantee for stability and progress. “

Finally for Africa Point“During a Biden presidency, Africa was able to regain its significance without becoming the priority strategic theater for the United States. The scenario of an irreversible downgrade of Americans in Africa is difficult to imagine, regardless of the election result. With its dense diplomatic network (50 embassies deployed on the continent), an impressive military presence (7,000 troops deployed in 34 locations) and the attractiveness of its model that remains, the United States still has several levers to regain its influence. on the African continent. “


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