In the face of the crisis, UGTT wants to mediate with political leaders

At a time when Tunisia is experiencing a severe economic and social crisis, the trade union center and civil society wanted to mobilize to get the country out of paralysis. A demonstration was held in front of the parliament in Tunis on Friday 18 December. Divided, the Assembly fights to promote the legislative process necessary for reforms.

as reported from Tunis, Michel Picard

With its price Nobel Peace Prize, received in 2015 for its role as the center of national dialogue, the UGTT (General Union of Tunisian Workers) intends to sit at the same table with the various actors. An idea that appeals to Sidi Slim:

“UGTT presented to the President a project to solve all these problems, with specific points. UGTT is the driving force behind all this. Otherwise, there are two solutions: change the increasingly deteriorating political and economic situation; otherwise it’s a riot. “

Fear of a case similar to Lebanon’s

According to Mohamed Ben Mahmoud, president of the Tunisian Network for Social and Solidarity Economy, the General Union of Tunisian Workers can be an alternative to leaders:

“I think it is thanks to UGTT that the country did not sink into total terrorist Islam. So it’s an element of balance. If it is well surrounded and supported by an independent and expert civil society, we can create an alternative and propose solutions. ”

And there is an urgent need, according to retired academic Ahmed Maouli: “We are very close to the situation in Lebanon. From the point of view of unemployment, the debt ratio, economic paralysis, lack of investment, economic growth … The country is in danger. “


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