Here, unprotected intercourse may be felony

A person in Canada is now being sentenced for not utilizing a condom when he had intercourse with a girl he had simply met, Expressen writes close to Reuters. The man is convicted as a result of the girl states that she didn’t know that he didn’t use a condom – or agreed to it.

The Canadian couple met on-line and had intercourse twice in 2017. The first time the person allegedly used a condom however not the second time. It is on the second event that the girl says that she was not conscious that the person didn’t use a condom.

“Since yes means yes and no means no, it cannot mean that ‘no, not without a condom’ means ‘yes, without a condom,'” writes Judge Sheilah Martin, in keeping with Reuters.

The man is convicted of molestation

The Canadian court docket, however, didn’t agree with the decision, however in the end selected to convict the person of sexual harassment.

“Recognizing that condom use can be part of the sexual activity is also the only way to respect consent in every sexual act, every time,” the ruling mentioned, as cited by Reuters.

According to Canadian legislation, proof of non-consent is required for a sexual intercourse to be thought of sexual harassment.

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