Here, prisoners and prison guards live – together

The 210 centimeter long prisoner Casey Cole White, 38, has been behind bars in Florence, Alabama since 2015. The 38-year-old is suspected of having murdered a 58-year-old woman, which could lead to the death penalty. He has previously been convicted of attempted murder and burglary.

Casey Cole White and Vicky White on the run – from prison

Casey Cole White was convicted in 2019 for, among other things, trying to murder her then girlfriend, and her dog and kidnapping her roommates, according to Washington Post.

But now the murder suspect has escaped with the deputy head of the prison Vicky White.

Casey Cole White is widely considered dangerous. Therefore, he was chained both to hands and to feet when Deputy Chief Vicky White was to transport him to a mental examination on Friday.

Photo: TT

The prisoner and the guard on the run are wanted – for a reward

Since then, the two have disappeared, and on Monday a call was issued for the United States, in return.

The only trace of the two is the car that Vicky White drove from the prison, which was found at a mall.

The same day that the escape took place, Vicky White’s was the last day of work at the workplace.

According to the news agency AP, she has recently sold her house and to her colleagues she is said to have said that she wants to try something new, maybe “go to the beach”.

In the video in the player above you can see when they leave the prison – to still be gone.

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