#Healthcare is the most important political issue for the Swede


The health service has now become the most important political issue for the Swedish people and has thus plunged immigration / migration from the first place, according to the large survey which the SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg presented today.

– It is the healthcare that is the top question. It is as much as 45 per cent that states that health care is one of the most important societal problems and issues, says Johan Martinsson, who is director of the SOM institute.

Why do you think it looks like that?

– My interpretation is that many feel that there are deficiencies in the healthcare system, especially in terms of accessibility.

The SOM Institute at the University of Gothenburg has asked Swedes what or which societal problems they think are most important in Sweden today.

In the questionnaire survey, 45 percent of those who responded to the healthcare system counted as one of the most important issues. This is an increase from 37 per cent in the survey in 2017 and the issue has become increasingly important in recent years.

The fact that health care is now regarded as the most important political issue benefits the Social Democrats, which many voters consider to have a good policy in the area, and it also benefits the Christian Democrats, says Johan Martinsson.

– There are not as many who think that the Christian Democrats’ policies are good. But on the other hand, they have the advantage that in relation to how many people sympathize with the Christian Democrats, they have better figures than the Social Democrats. There are many more who think they have a good policy in healthcare issues. They have managed to break in there in a way that we did not like before.

Secondly , immigration and integration are located, and thirdly comes the school. In fourth place there is the environment and climate.

– Then it’s not close to other top issues. Despite all this activity going on, Martinsson says.


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