Giant snails are invading – complete cities are quarantined for a number of years

Snails as giant as rats are spreading in town of Port Richey north of Tampa, Florida. The molluscs carry a parasite that may cause encephalitis in people – which has meant that the whole metropolis has been quarantined for 2 years, Expressen stories.

The quarantine implies that residents aren’t allowed to maneuver development waste, development supplies, soil, crops or waste. However, the inhabitants is allowed to maneuver freely.

The large snails make their return to town

According to the US Department of Agriculture, the large snails ravaged South Florida as early because the Nineteen Sixties and it took ten years to eliminate them. But now they’re again, and it’s tough to exterminate the snails as a result of they haven’t any pure enemies.

The snails eat greater than 500 completely different crops and they need to additionally like concrete, which suggests that buildings in town are put in peril.

Giant snails can dwell as much as 9 years and develop as much as 20 centimeters lengthy. They additionally initially come from Africa. They additionally reproduce shortly and lay round 1,200 eggs a yr, he writes Expressen.

Right now, the “killer snail poison” metaldehyde is used, which is commonly used in opposition to snails and snails.

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