German tops invited to Ukraine

The invitation was presented during a telephone conversation with Steinmeier on Thursday, according to a source from the president’s office for AFP. According to the source, “previous irritations” were resolved and Steinmeier expressed his “solidarity, respect and support” for Ukraine.

Steinmeier was to visit Kyiv as early as mid-April, together with his counterparts in Poland and the Baltic countries. But then Steinmeier was told that he was not welcome.

The reason, according to Ukraine, was that the German president mainly has a ceremonial role. And Ukraine just wanted to meet Scholz.

Since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Steinmeier, a former foreign minister, has come under fire for pursuing a too-soft policy against Moscow for several years.

Scholz, in turn, has been criticized for his hesitation in sending heavy weapons to Ukraine. But last week, Germany decided to supply Kyiv with anti-aircraft gun cars, among other things.

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