#Denmark goes to election


Climate, immigration, welfare and the government issue have been dominant topics during the election movement.

“It has been a long election campaign not lost because it has also been a European Parliament election and it should actually be nice that it will soon be over,” says Copenhagen’s Emil Jensen.

The Prime Minister and leader of the large bourgeois party Left Lars Lökke Rasmussen released a bomb in the election movement in connection with an interview with Danish TV2 when he said that he is now investing primarily in trying to form a middle government, not a bourgeois. In this way, you can keep the parties at the bottom of the edges without influence, he reasoned.

His play is criticized by the other bourgeois party leaders and neither the Social Democrats’ Mette Frederiksen welcome the invasion.

– We still want to invest in forming a Social Democratic minority government, says Frederiksen.

The red block, with the Social Democrats in the lead, has long had a fairly large lead in public opinion and even the last measurements show a red victory. But even though Mette Frederiksen seems to have the chance to try to form a government, tough negotiations await.

The parties that are expected to carry her to power put heavy demands on influence, demands that the Social Democrats in any case did not want to fulfill.

The keys to the Prime Minister’s Office can, if it becomes a red victory, be expensive. But they must not cost anything, says Social Democrats’ party secretary Nicolai Wammen.

– We will not compromise on immigration policy, it should continue to be restrictive, says Nicolai Wammen.


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