Cemac has found EUR 3.8 billion in investments for its infrastructure


EUR 3.4 billion to add to the 600 million already acquired, this is the amount that the economic and monetary community of Central African countries came to Paris to seek from potential public and private creditors, during a round table two days. Cemac received 3.8 billion.

The least developed sub-region on the African continent, Cemac, has a regional economic program aimed at increasing growth in the area by 2025. It includes 84 projects. The total cost of financing 11 of them, which are presented as priority integration projects, has therefore been estimated at EUR 4 billion.

Connect Cemac

It is about modernizing road networks that connect several CEMAC countries, developing energy production and interconnection or developing optical fiber. The sub-region is really very late in terms of the speed of computer flows. Dry ports should also be built to alleviate congestion in ports and shorten trade delays. In short, these projects will thus facilitate and accelerate the free movement of goods and services, especially between countries.

The financing for the 11 projects will take the form of preferential loans, grants and public-private partnerships. The six Cemac countries (Cameroon, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sao-Tome-et-Principe and Chad) are today the least integrated sub-regions on the continent, with a share of 17% against an average of 40% for the whole of Africa.

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