#15-year-old Suad was an IS slave for four years


The terrorist movement IS whose last stronghold in Syria is crumbling, not only had sex slaves, but also child slaves. Among the women and children who now come out of Baghouz there are also a number of Yezidian children who have been enslaved for four years with different slave owners in the caliphate. Our correspondent has met some of them.

15-year-old Suad lists all the IS men who bought and sold her.

– Abu Yunis who sold me to Abu Yousef who sold me to Bishr who sold me to Abu Hussein who sold me to Abu Huda and so on.

For four years she was a slave , she cleaned and suited children, she was afraid of the IS men and was forced to marry IS men three times. But she doesn’t want to talk about that.

She is small to be 15, but sometimes she still looks much older, like an old woman. She has a new blue cover jacket and hair band after she has been able to remove the niqab that was mandatory in the so-called caliphate.

Now she is in northern Syria and is waiting to be reunited with her sister at Sinjarberg in Iraq from where she was kidnapped with thousands of other Yezidis. But no one knows where her mom dad and brothers are, if they live.

Suad tells that one of the families who bought her was kind, they were from Kazakhstan and had four children.

– The mother treated me like a daughter and I cried when they sold me after my father died in battle and the mother could not afford a slave anymore, she says.

The Yezidian family here in northern Syria who take care of Suad and other children who survived the IS captivity, say that many children suffer from the so-called Stockholm syndrome, that they take part for their slave owners and torturers and do not want to talk to their real parents when they comes out.

Then it was for eleven-year-old Jolene, who was only six years old when she was arrested and who forgot how to speak Kurdish.

15-year-old Ayman says he has seen cut off heads pointed to the square and that he has no future dreams at all now. He wants nothing, and feels nothing.


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