Timeline: Somalia, 1934-1972


1934 Dec 5, Italian and Ethiopian troops clashed at the Ualual on disputed Somali-Ethiopian border.

1935 Feb 18, Rome reported sending troops to Italian Somalia.

1940 Dec 16, British carried out an air raid on Italian Somalia.

1941 Feb 26, British took the Somali capital in East Africa.

1960 Jun 26, British Somaliland became independent and five days later was united with Italian Somaliland as the Somali Republic.

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1960 Jul 1, French and Italian Somaliland gained independence and united with the Somali Republic.

1961 Somalia adopted its first constitution. A new one was adopted in 1979.

1969 Oct 21, In Somalia Maj. Gen. Mohamed Siad Barre (1919-1995) staged a coup and threw PM Mohamed Ibrahim Egal in jail, where he spent 12 years.

1969: coup d’etat bearing the general Mohamed Siyad Barre in power. Proclamation of the Democratic Republic of Somalia.

1970 Barre declares Somalia a socialist state and nationalises most of the economy.

1972 The Somali language first became a written language.


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