Twitter reacts to Ronaldo & Mbappe’s news

Social media was stunned on Tuesday night by allegations that Cristiano Ronaldo has decided that he wants to join Manchester City from Juventus. Almost at the same time, it was revealed that Real Madrid have started talks with Paris Saint-Germain to try to reach an agreement for Kylian Mbappe.

With less than a week left of the transfer window, the world did not expect two seismic stories that evening.

Ronaldo, who won three Premier League titles and the Champions League with Manchester United during the historic years of his historic career, is out of contract at Juventus at the end of the season and his future has become increasingly uncertain.

But despite Ronaldo’s obvious desire to join City, 90min understands that the club is not interested as it looks now. Their belief is that they can still land Tottenham star Harry Kane.

As for Mbappe, Real have informed PSG of their willingness to pay up to 160 million euros this summer, which has triggered transfer talks between the two clubs.

It is a significant step forward as PSG rejected Real’s previous progress. There is no deal yet but they are now starting to listen after a number has been put on the table.

Much reaction has been pure distrust that it has even come to this.

If Ronaldo goes to City, we live 100% in a simulation. How we go, do not be surprised if Pep has a full hair up to the shoulders in 3 months.

– Dubois (@CFCDUBois) August 24, 2021

If Ronaldo signs for City, I’ll give a free win in the first FIFA 22 Weekend League

– Two? (@ZwebackHD) August 24, 2021

Although not necessarily on the cards, many City fans expressed excitement over the idea of ​​Ronaldo returning to England to join his club.

Time to revisit some friends, @Cristiano. ?

– City Inside (@CityInside_) August 24, 2021

Sign Ronaldo. Park his ass in the box and feed him the ball. Guaranteed goals for one year.

-? ️ (@CityReportBen) August 23, 2021

Ronaldo to Manchester City !!! Should anyone tell Rahim Sterlin to remove jersey number 7 before the goat lands?

– STRONGMAN BA KOBBE? (@ 1KobbeBrown) August 24, 2021

If City fail to sign Kane in the next few days, we should 100% without a doubt, sign Cristiano Ronaldo. He has the Messi effect of PR. He takes the club to another level overnight. In addition, he is still a WC player and would make goal bags. Simple.

– ⁸ (@silkyilkay) August 22, 2021

Many people are already imagining a wild Manchester derby day.

Cristiano Ronaldo when he does a hat trick against Man Utd to secure the Man City treble

– ODDSbible (@ODDSbible) August 24, 2021

“Why would Ronaldo go to City when he played for United?”

– Aaron (@AarxnMCFC) August 24, 2021

But not all City fans seem to be convinced that Ronaldo is actually worth it.

? | The boards of Man City and Juventus have agreed on a verbal agreement for Cristiano Ronaldo. They have both agreed that the player is ready (unfortunately). Juventus have offered 25 million euros for Man City to take Ronaldo. They play table tennis with the player, none of the clubs want him.

– City Xtra (@Broselona) 24 August 2021

And there is some debate among fans as to whether Ronaldo or Kane would be the better option.

City fans be honest, which option do you prefer?

– ⚡️ ?? (@Priceless_Silva) August 24, 2021

A Manchester United legend, Ronaldo once said that he could never be influenced by City.

Cristiano Ronaldo explains why he should not move to Man City

– Devils of United? (@DevilsOfUnited) August 24, 2021

United fans are adamant that he would never turn his back on that legacy.

People need to calm down. Ronaldo will never join Man City.

His father-son relationship with Sir Alex is too strong for that to ever happen.

– Sam? (@Utd_Samrat) August 24, 2021

All jokes aside, what if Ronaldo’s agents falsify the city’s interest (because he is the opposite of a Pep signing) to force United to offer him something …

– Jordan (@FourFourJordan) August 24, 2021

Real has wanted this to happen for all eternity.

Florentino Perez loses € 180 million bid for Kylian Mbappe

– TC (@totalcristiano) August 24, 2021

Fans love it too.

My dad: Who sold the house?

I at the Bernabeu look at Mbappe’s connection to Benz:

– The Turtle Wiper? (@TheBirdKeeper_) August 24, 2021

This is not Real Madrid 2015-2018, but Mbappe has long dreamed of wearing the white suit.

They call Mbappé selfish because he wants to join his childhood club. He will earn less by playing for us, he will not play with Messi or Neymar, just to play for a club he has always dreamed of. How is it selfish.

– Xav Salazar (@XavsFutbol) August 24, 2021

But then comes the realization of what this would mean for PSG’s “dream team”.

When you realize that you may never see Messi, Neymar and Mbappe play in the same team?

Goals (@ goals) 24 August 2021

PSG fans strike out to make losing Mbappe easier to deal with.

Unpopular opinion: Lucas Moura had a better legacy at PSG than Mbappe.

– Galu (@PSGalu) 24 August 2021

Sorry, Barcelona.

Man City: bought Grealish for £ 100m and are negotiating £ 150m for Kane. Real Madrid: Bought Alaba for free and offered 160 million euros for Mbappe. PSG: Bought Messi, Ramos, Wijnaldum, Donnarumma and Hakimi. Man Utd: Bought Sancho for £ 76 million and Varane for £ 36 million Barcelona: Struggling to sell Umtiti.

– Footy Humor (@FootyHumour) August 24, 2021

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