Things to know about Otavio

Thanks to Bruno Fernande’s impressive start to life with Manchester United, scouts from all over the world see the Portuguese league as a source of genuine talent for the present and not just for the future.

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The next star to switch Portugal to England could be Porto forward Otavio, who is on the radar in Liverpool and is rumored to have made Jurgen Klopp a big fan with his impressive performances at the Estadio do Dragao.

Here’s everything you need to know about him.

¡GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL del PORTO! Otavio remade cabeza cruising to the gate Jiménez. @Chivas 0-2 @FCPorto #ChivasEnTDN

– TUDN Live (@TUDNLive) July 20, 2017

Not exactly known for its physique, Otavio has met with much skepticism due to its small frame. In fact, he was so small that he got the nickname Otavinho – “Little Otavio”.

He is now around 5’8, and he has actually gained a reputation for being surprisingly impressive in the air. Otavio will not bully any midfielders, but he can stay if necessary.

In youth football, Otavio was always a central midfielder, but when he graduated from Porto’s senior team, it was an acceptance that he would be completely flat in the heart of the pitch.

As a result, then-manager Nuno Espirito Santo decided to move Otavio further forward or out to the wing, where he could only focus on dribbling and not spend time worrying about his physique.

These days, Otavio spends most of his time as a left winger, but you will see him on the right, as a ten and sometimes as a striker, and you will even see him pop up in his old central midfield position sometimes.

Otavio hosted Diego Forlan at Internacional / Edu Andrade / Getty Images

Otavio made his debut at Internacional as a 17-year-old in 2012, but being the fourth youngest player in club history did not actually sink in and he did not really process how special he was.

That realization came a year later, when Otavio started ahead of the legendary Diego Forlan, who apparently came to the end of his career but was still the 2010 World Cup hero.

“He has always been an idol, he plays a lot, there is nothing else to say about him,” Otavio told Globo Esporte. “I was happy, but I will never say I put him on the bench, it was the coach who chose it.”

Otavio adores Ronaldinho / Buda Mendes / Getty Images

Forlan is one of many idols Otavio likes to praise in the media. Deco, Zinedine Zidane and Ronaldo are three others who helped shape their game.

But if Otavio could choose only one man to be adored, he would not hesitate to tell you ‘Ronaldinho’.

“I always loved his style,” he told O Jogo, and Otavio actually had a dream of competing against Ronaldinho shortly after his 2012 debut.

Otavio & Fred were impressive at Inter / Pool / Getty Images

Imagine the scene. It’s 2013, Otavio leads an international attack with some fantastic one-two, and he tears through defense with his partner in crime … Peace.

Fred was now an anchor at Manchester United, and he used to be a devastating attacking midfielder and used to tear it up with Otavio.

Otavio’s emergence in 2013 actually contributed to Fred moving back to midfield, and he remains there to this day.

Vergonhoso, semper a mesma história ???

– Otávio Monteiro (@otaviomonteiroo) 6 May 2021

He has long been a popular player among Porto fans, but Otavio took his fame to new heights when he chose to fight rivals Benfica and left-back Alex Grimaldo in May 2021.

Both sides made it 1-1, after which Grimaldo complained to the referee, saying: “Same story as always, shameful.”

Otavio’s answer? To post a picture of the match statistics (which was strong in Porto’s favor) with the text: “Shameful, same story as always.”

Otavio is one of the most stereotypical edges you will find, Otavio is not really known for its goal threat and instead focuses on speed, agility and movement to overwhelm defenders.

He will regularly cut from the wing to try to run the show in a central role, pull defenders around and wait for the perfect moment to choose the right pass.

Otavio’s assist number may not look very impressive, but his game is not about statistics. He creates many chances for his team, either directly or indirectly.

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