Spanish Court Issues Warning to UEFA and FIFA to Cease Opposition to Super League

A Spanish court condemned FIFA and UEFA for unfair practices opposing the European Super League. The court order instructed both organizations to halt their anti-competitive actions against the ESL.

Madrid’s commercial court accused the governing bodies of infringing competition laws by restricting clubs from taking part in the new league.

A22 Sports Management, the brains behind the ESL plan, brought the case to the Spanish court seeking justice for the clubs. The court demanded FIFA and UEFA rectify their past anti-competitive behavior.

A22 CEO Bernd Reichart applauded the court’s decision, calling it a step towards a more competitive football environment in Europe. He criticized UEFA’s control over club football and hailed the end of its monopoly.

The case also targeted LaLiga and the Spanish Football Federation, although UEFA clarified the ruling did not explicitly endorse the Super League. Despite the ruling, UEFA maintained that third parties cannot create competitions without authorization.

The ‘big six’ clubs of English football, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, and Tottenham, were part of the original Super League but withdrew due to fan backlash. UEFA has updated its competition rules post the ESL failure, unaffected by the recent ruling.

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