Spalletti Asserts Italy’s Ambition for Triumph at Euro 2024

Despite low expectations for retaining their Euro title, Coach Luciano Spalletti is all in to make waves in Germany.

The Azzurri clinched their last Euro trophy by defeating England in a nail-biting penalty shootout at Wembley back in 2020.

Recent history hasn’t been kind to Italy, stumbling to miss World Cup qualifications in both 2018 and 2022.

Yet, with Spalletti taking the helm after Robert Mancini’s departure last year, he sees a path to glory for Italy at Euro 2024. Still, he stresses the weighty duty that comes with their champions status.

“Resting on our laurels isn’t an option with the Azzurri badge on our chest; high aspirations are a must,” stated Spalletti, on the cusp of the clash with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

“Challenging matches lie ahead, but our goal is to exemplify our capability to shoulder this hefty responsibility. Our approach is stern, our gaze set on the summit,” he added.

Hired as Italy’s skipper in September after Mancini’s abrupt switch to Saudi Arabia, Spalletti was swiftly tested with pivotal Euro 2024 qualifiers.

Qualification was a rocky road for Italy, enduring defeats to England and barely clenching second place.

“Recognition of our roots is crucial. Constant reminders to win for honor can overshadow deeper issues like healing past failures,” Spalletti remarked.

“Our focus is on progression, yet mindful of our stumble in missing the World Cup. It’s about genuine commitment, not quick fixes,” he emphasized.

Italy is set to face Albania for their first Group B game in Dortmund on June 15, following matchups with European heavyweights Spain and Croatia.

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