Southgate Clarifies: England’s Euro 2024 Success Not Solely Dependent on Bellingham

Despite Jude Bellingham’s standout performance, England isn’t staking their entire Euro 2024 chances on the Real Madrid phenom, as per Gareth Southgate’s assertion.

His stellar play at Real Madrid this season propelled the club to snatch both LaLiga and the Champions League titles, notching up 23 goals during his campaign.

His escalating role with the Three Lions, contenders for Euro 2024, marks his rising star.

Following his exertions in the Champions League final, Bellingham was rested for England’s recent friendlies against Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iceland. The latter match saw England stumble to a 1-0 defeat.

In light of the loss at Wembley, Southgate expressed, “We aren’t laying every expectation on Jude.”

“The team boasts plentiful talent. Victory in this tournament will be a unified endeavor.

“A squad dependent on a lone savior isn’t set for triumph.

“Certainly, Jude’s presence boosts the squad, but the onus isn’t solely on him. It’s on all of us to sharpen our focus and tune our attitudes,” he added.

Their Euro 2024 journey kicks off against Serbia on June 16, followed by clashes with Denmark and Slovenia.

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