Silva urges Chelsea stars to ditch egos for true transformation

Chelsea is ending the season on a high note, but Thiago Silva is adamant that the club deserves better and encourages the players to step up their game next season.

Thiago Silva, who will be leaving to join his hometown club Fluminense soon, is preparing for his final match with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge against Bournemouth.

A draw in their final game would seal a spot in European competition for Chelsea next season, with a chance to overtake Tottenham for fifth place if they win and Spurs lose to Sheffield United.

Despite recent success with four wins in a row and only one loss in their last 14 games, Chelsea is still far behind league leaders Manchester City by 28 points.

Thiago Silva feels that the club’s significant investment in new players over the past year warrants better results and emphasizes the importance of teamwork over individual goals.

He urges the players to realize the importance of representing Chelsea and to prioritize team success over personal achievements in the upcoming season to change the current situation for the better.

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