Robert Lewandowski’s 30 biggest goals

That Robert Lewandowski guy. Likes a Tik Tok, seems pretty quiet, something about Blackburn and an ash cloud. Oh yes, and he’s healthy for a goal.

Responsible for once scoring five goals in nine minutes, and four in 15 on another occasion, as well as lots of other absurdities in front of the goal on the football field, the Polish forward is one of the very best the game will ever witness.

Honestly, Lewandowski has scored far too many goals to ever decide on an exhaustive list of his best. But we have tried. Here are 30 of Poland’s largest and most memorable strikes.

Tum Perfect / Dmitry Lovetsky – Pool / Getty Images

After Sweden stormed into a two-goal lead and Lewandowski had already gotten into a fight with the crossbar with a head, it looked bleak for Poland.

And while they could not win the match, the first of Lewandowski’s two late goals was an absolute peach, which cut inside the edge of the box and hit the ball high into the far corner.

Star in the making / PATRIK STOLLARZ / Getty Images

Lewandowski was a landmark in the beginning of his Bundesliga career and secured his first hat-trick in the German top round.

Of the three strikes, it was his third that stood out, skipped the defenders and went past the goalkeeper to make sure he took home the match ball.

Good warm-up for the coming season / Boris Streubel / Getty Images

Lewandowski set another record and became the first player to score a hat-trick in the DFL-Supercup when Bayern eased to the trophy.

Of his three goals, it was again the third that stood out. Lewandowski sits just outside the defensive line and hits them both with the perfect first hand in goal before he shoots it past the goalkeeper like a real veteran.

A good day at the office / Srdjan Stevanovic / Getty Images

A tough start to the season forced Hansi Flick to take over Bayern Munich, who immediately galvanized a squad that needed guidance.

The change brought Lewandowski to life against Red Star, scoring four goals in 15 minutes. Goal number three stuck out, ran over the defenders and glanced back at his head. It looks simple, but it’s a ridiculous skill.

Pinpoint / ANDREJ ISAKOVIC / Getty Images

Going a better was his fourth for the night, which he managed to sneak in before being replaced.

A nice one-two saw Lewandowski restore his movement to a position in place perfectly before he anchored around the defender and lasered the ball in again.

Iconic / Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty Images

One of his most iconic achievements ever – and definitely his finest hour at Borussia Dortmund – was the night Lewandowski got Real Madrid back in his pockets.

Four goals. Four. Towards a real side with Ramos, Pepe and the rest. For his second, Lewandowski spun seamlessly and took a ball at half-time before poking it into the net, with all the grace you could possibly muster. Beautiful, yet instinctive and murderous.

Dortmund fire / PATRIK STOLLARZ / Getty Images

What is a Lewandowski goal list without acknowledging where it all began in Germany?

Goal number one. Revierderby. Corner. Chase the box and chase the ball like a hawk. The defenders had no chance. First up, first contact with the ball. Always goes in from there. Textbook. Yes, this guy looks good.

The first of many / ARIS MESSINIS / Getty Images

After winning the league during his debut season, Lewandowski now had the chance to shine in the European main event.

He hit on the style for this one. Lewandowski picked up the ball at the edge of the box and pulled up a fizzed pass and shot it home on a half volley from the edge of the box. Dortmund lost the game, but a new star had been introduced for Europe.

Standard procedure at this point / VI-Images / Getty Images

The cat was out of the bag at this point. Large.

With just under three minutes left to play, Lewandowski made sure that Dortmund did not fall to a draw in the group stage opener and got a late winner. More than just a pretty good goal scorer.

Demolition / Jasper Juinen / Getty Images

The night that Lewandowski announced to the world.

Dortmund’s Polish forward welcomed an ever star-studded Real Madrid to Westfalenstadion and showed no fear. In a ridiculous four-goal draw, his third was a real attacking play; hit the first touch, wipe out the defense and poke it past the goalkeeper. Easy.

Love the Cup / JOHN MACDOUGALL / Getty Images

In the final of the DFB -Pokal – Germany’s largest cup competition – Lewandowski opened the scoring in the highest style.

After several obvious shirt pulling incidents, RB Leipzig got himself booked. Somehow he found a connection with his head, moved backwards but went forward with enough poison to hit the back of the net.

Unfortunately Wolfsburg fans / Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

Lewandowski loves a goal against Wolfsburg.

After a slow start against them in the Bundesliga, Poland smelled blood and the possibility of exceeding 250 Bundesliga goals. However, it was his 251st who stuck out and snapped in the ball and sent the defender after a bratwurst before he gracefully hit the corner for three points.

Shapes into a world-class forward / PATRIK STOLLARZ / Getty Images

The heat was full during Lewandowski’s last season with Dortmund.

In a 5-0 knockout of Freiburg, he made it 3-0 with an incredibly complex finish. Receiving the ball in the box away from the goal, he took it down beyond a swarm of defenders, found half a yard and used it to lift the ball over the goalkeeper with a dink.

He knew it was coming / PATRIK STOLLARZ / Getty Images

On the way to the final of the DFB-Pokal, Lewandowski just had to reach another milestone.

Lewandowski beat the other in a comprehensive 2-0 Dortmund victory and reached 100 goals for Der BVB in the process.

A fun evening at the office / Boris Streubel / Getty Images

After already beating them in Portugal in the group stage, Bayern Munich spared no mercy when Benfica came to Munich.

Lewandowski burned during the 5-1 bang, and his first was memorable. He showed that he was more than just a threat from the floor, he jumped up from a corner and went home to score his 50th Champions League goal and became the third fastest player to reach the milestone.

His finest hour / CHRISTOF STACHE / Getty Images

Five goals, Robert? It’s insane.

Goal number four. Lewandowski ran on a loose cross and had already made a record-breaking hat-trick and added another by smashing the ball and net with a nasty half-volley that could take a meteor from the sky.

The years before Bayern / Boris Streubel / Getty Images

Not only was this a ridiculous ending, it was also ridiculously important for the season’s title race.

In what was on the way to a goalless draw between the two title candidates, Lewandowski appeared with a smart girl from an oncoming shot outside the box to send the ball past Manuel Neuer, keep Dortmund ahead in the title race and finally win them the Bundesliga.

Inevitable / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

After falling victim to an early Freiburg goal, a Lewandowski hit tied things up after 35 minutes.

And when the game seemed to end 1-1, Lewandowski had none of it. Late goal. Damage time. Match winner again. We can ‘t beat this guy.

Another Award / Adam Pretty / Getty Images

Reaching 50 goals quickly was just not enough at night, so Lewandowski popped in Champions League goal number 51 while he was there.

His 17th in 18 club appearances at the time, he added a second heading for the stay, this time attacking the ball on the right textbooks and looking behind everyone and into the back of the net.

Lewa has a nice free kick on him / CHRISTOF STACHE / Getty Images

He’s more than just a crane in the merchant, you know.

With Atletico Madrid a win away from going six in six in the group stage, it took a moment of sheer brilliance from Lewandowski to stop their run. After 28 minutes, a mistake by the home side’s left defense allowed Diego Simeone to get through.

Leaving in style / OLIVER LANG / Getty Images

With the inevitable move to Bayern Munich now underway, Lewandowski signed on to an exclusive brand with Dortmund.

The Polish forward, who secured the league’s top scorer again on the last day, rattled with a free kick basket to do it in style.

No Mercy / Boris Streubel / Getty Images

Stories are great. They’re even bigger when it’s a little sadistic, like how many times Lewandowski has used his previous employers as a bag.

In a 5-0 battle against Dortmund, Lewandowski reached 200 Bundesliga goals in style. When he finishes with a stay, he gets through on the goal and makes a rushing goalkeeper look stupid by thinking about him, looking at the ball and smashing it home on half volley.

Versatile / Socrates Images / Getty Images

A win, a hat-trick and a bloody good with it, given the free kick it meant. An ideal match day two after a blip at the start of the season.

Central is a tricky place even for the best of solid specialists, but the perfect blend of power and grace saw Poland forward rattle the ball over the wall and perfectly into the top corner.

A severely underestimated strike / Boris Streubel / Getty Images

The scope of this guy’s game is beyond a joke. Close range knock in, long range, it never ends. Give us a break, Robert.

Lewandowski lined up a second-stage comeback at Camp Nou and met his defender on the edge of the box and, with a few flashes of razor-sharp footwork, earned half a yard to smash the ball into the back of the net. Incredible skill level.

Record smasher / Boris Streubel / Getty Images

Back to the record-breaking match, goal number two was the choice of the gang.

One minute – yes, one minute – after equalizing after coming on at half time, Lewandowski picked up the ball and smashed it from distance, sliding it along the floor and into the back of the net for 2-1. The strange goal that set a record-breaking move.

Loneliness is overlooked / PATRIK STOLLARZ / Getty Images

After getting stuck in a 1-0 lead, Dortmund needed a glimpse of magic from their Polish wizard. And they got it.

Lewandowski took the ball on the halfway line and took it beyond a line of defenders who had covered about 60 meters before he easily found the onion bag to round off a fantastic solo goal and make it 2-0. More than just a penalty box player.

Rutin / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

The right street destination, this. But the boldness of pulling it in front of a rabid Allianz makes it even better.

Lewandowski waits around the edge of the box for service, but falls into a challenge to get the ball back. Beating himself and the defender from a 50-50, he hits it and hits it home like an excellent Randy Orton from a distance. Have it.

Lew has reach for his game / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images

From thunder to one with all the elegance and boldness you could ever comprehend.

Lewandowski ran on a ball on the way away from the goal and needed a touch to send a rushing goalkeeper who packed with eggs in his face. He raises the ball over everyone and into the net when the angle seemed impossible. Need some sauce with it.

Undermål / Boris Streubel / Getty Images

Apologize to all Wolfsburg fans for the trauma. This is the last one now, we promise.

Lewandowski rounded off a sensational and confusing goal move and scored five goals in nine minutes with an absolute scorcher. Lewandowski sees a cross from Mario Gotze and sticks up a leg and hits it in the back of the net with a half bike kick from outside the area. Absolute carnage.

History maker / Alexander Hassenstein / Getty Images

All that skill, and it does not end there; expert timing for optimal drama as well.

In the last minute of Bayern’s Bundesliga season, Lewandowski made history (again) by surpassing Gerd Muller’s 40 goals in a single season with his strike against Augsburg, leading to a historic and unprecedented 41 league goals. Forty-one. Enchanting.

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