Rice Aims to Make History with England at Euro 2024

Set to compete in his third international contest for England, Declan Rice ventures to Euro 2024 with visions of etching the Three Lions into history on German turf.

Existing as the cornerstone of the squad since suffering a near miss at Wembley against Italy, the Arsenal dynamo embarks with confidence under Gareth Southgate’s guidance.

Asserting his belief in the squad’s capability, Rice anticipates the ultimate glory of raising the trophy in Berlin come July 14.

“We aim to forge a legacy,” declared the 25-year-old during England’s YouTube send-off. “Our cohort, along with the skipper, truly harbors this belief.

“With genuine faith, we are poised to conjure something exceptional. Indeed, it demands rigorous exertion,” he added.

“Our collective strength, unity, and the unwavering support from home will fuel us. Stay hopeful and ride along; let’s unveil what unfolds.”

The warm-up phase for England wrapped recently with a slight setback – a 1-0 loss to Iceland at Wembley.

Rice reflected on the setback, highlighting the value of the preceding 10-day camp, which served as a springboard from his stellar debut season with Arsenal.

“Post-league downtime really forces your body into a shutdown,” he explained.

“Rebooting can be tough, but last week’s camp was honestly vital for all involved,” Rice shared optimistically.

“With another week till our opener, our prospects look promising,” he concluded.

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