Postecoglou Shocked by Fragile Foundations After Spurs’ Loss to Man City

Ange Postecoglou expressed disappointment as Tottenham’s dreams of Champions League qualification vanished following a loss to Manchester City. Erling Haaland’s two goals propelled City past Arsenal to the top of the Premier League with one game left. Postecoglou was surprised by Tottenham fans hinting they were okay with losing to City to hurt Arsenal’s title hopes. Despite a lackluster mood at the stadium, fans cheered City’s goal and taunted Arsenal. The head coach, seen arguing with a fan, was unhappy as Champions League hopes faded, Aston Villa securing a spot instead. “The club’s foundation is shaky,” Postecoglou remarked. “Recent events have made that clear. The club and its supporters are showing cracks. It’s been enlightening for me.” “I can’t control others’ actions. Fans are free to express themselves, but their energy often pushes us to victory,” he continued. “I may be out of touch, but winning is my priority, not caring about people’s opinions. I’m here to succeed and build a winning team.”

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