Page Acknowledges Welsh Supporters’ Disappointment Following Unexpected Stalemate with Gibraltar

Despite a string of 13 losses where Gibraltar conceded 50 goals in total, Wales, ranked vastly superior, didn’t manage to score against them.

Rob Page admitted the Welsh fans had every right to feel vexed after their team, Wales, could only muster a nil-nil tie with Gibraltar.

In the setting of Estadio Do Algarve, fervent Welsh support watched their team, filled with younger players, struggle to dismantle the 203rd-ranked Gibraltar squad.

In a game that saw Gibraltar staunchly defend their goal, they secured a notable draw against Wales, who had reached the semi-finals in Euro 2016.

Although Wales initiated 16 attempts on goal and boasted an xG (Expected Goals metric) of 1.13, they were thwarted, coming closest when a corner from Josh Sheehan clanged off the crossbar.

This draw adds to a series of setbacks for Wales, including a crushing blow when they lost to Poland on penalties in March, missing out on Euro 2024.

Page articulated his understanding of the supporter’s grievances, some of whom clamored for his departure, yet he emphasized his commitment to a broader vision for the team, with competitive matches resuming in three months.

“They have every right to their views; I understand completely,” Page remarked concerning the boos he received.

Page, both a supporter and the manager, expressed his own disappointment but underscored the importance of keeping an eye on the long-term objectives. He anticipates criticism for his focus on the future rather than immediate results.

“It’s a frustrating draw against Gibraltar, a real letdown. Our task now is to gear up the squad for the upcoming Nations League games in September,” Page observed.

Page highlighted the necessity of tempered expectations, pointing out that success in 2016 and qualifications for subsequent major tournaments does not assure automatic future successes, especially with a few key players missing.

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