Nagelsmann Firmly Condemns Racist Survey Targeting Ethnic Composition of German Football Team

Julian Nagelsmann has slammed a problematic survey from the German national broadcaster ARD, which queried on the necessity of increasing the number of white athletes in the national team.

The survey, conducted by ARD among 1,304 individuals, probed if spectators preferred more white players on the German team for Euro 2024; 21 percent agreed.

Joshua Kimmich, midfield maestro for Germany and Bayern Munich, labeled the poll “utterly ludicrous” last Saturday, praising the team’s diversity as a key strength.

In a briefing at Herzogenaurach’s training compound on Sunday, Coach Nagelsmann rebuked the survey’s motives, calling it “racist” and a call for societal awareness.

“Many souls in Europe now are exiles, desperate for refuge in safer lands,” he observed.

“Josh nailed it with his sharp, well-considered response. His perspective mirrors mine—this inquiry is preposterous,” Nagelsmann added.

Further indignant, he stated, “Europe houses many who’ve escaped war, economic strife, and environmental devastation. These folks seek shelter.

He questioned the current humanitarian response, emphasizing, “We’re thriving in Germany. To ignore such issues outright, pretending they don’t exist, is absurd.”

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