Martino Urges MLS to Revise Rules Amid Messi’s Outburst of Frustration

Inter Miami and Gerardo Martino expressed disappointment regarding recent MLS rule changes following Lionel Messi’s brief exit from a match on Saturday. Messi was visibly frustrated after being temporarily sidelined due to an injury scare caused by a George Campbell challenge during the victory over CF Montreal. Martino, head coach of Inter Miami, called for a reevaluation of the league’s regulations in light of this incident. The former Barcelona superstar missed an opportunity to take a free-kick as a result of the foul. According to the new rules, players must leave the field for two minutes if the referee halts play due to a potential injury that leaves them on the ground for more than 15 seconds. Martino raised concerns about the fairness of this ruling, suggesting that it penalizes the wrong party in such situations. Despite their fifth consecutive win, Miami remained frustrated with the way things unfolded during the game as they moved three points clear at the top of the Eastern Conference. An additional issue arose when Luis Suarez took longer than ten seconds to exit the field when he was substituted for Leo Campana in the 92nd minute. The delay in Suarez’s departure, due to differing interpretations by the fourth official, meant that Campana’s introduction to the game was postponed. Martino highlighted this discrepancy, emphasizing the need for a clearer and more consistent application of the rules to avoid such situations in the future.

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