Furious Farke Blasts Referees Over Leeds’ Controversial Disallowed Goal

Following the disallowed goal at Norwich, Daniel Farke mentioned receiving an apology through letters regarding officiating this season.

Farke was furious about Leeds United’s disallowed goal in their play-off semi-final match at Norwich. The game ended 0-0 with both teams failing to challenge the opposition.

Despite returning home with a clean sheet, Farke was frustrated by the disallowed goal and believes it should have counted.

Farke highlighted the importance of decisions in such crucial matches and expressed his disappointment over this season’s officiating, emphasizing his need to stay composed.

Despite the setback, Farke was satisfied with his team’s performance as they came back strong with a clean sheet after a tough regular season.

Farke expressed contentment with the solid result and looks forward to the second leg match at Elland Road.

While facing the challenge of playing at Elland Road, Farke remains confident in his team’s ability to handle the pressure and reach the final at Wembley.

Farke draws inspiration from his past experiences and hopes to replicate his success with Norwich in the upcoming matches.

Norwich captain Kenny McLean shares Farke’s optimism and believes they have what it takes to win at Elland Road.

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