Former Teammate Burki Hints at Marco Reus’s Potential Move to Major League Soccer

Marco Reus bid adieu to Borussia Dortmund following their defeat in the Champions League final, with his ex-colleague Roman Burki anticipating that the seasoned German might join him in the MLS.

After ending his seven-year spell with Dortmund in 2022, Burki transitioned from Bundesliga to MLS, taking up the goalkeeper role for St. Louis City.

In St. Louis’ recent 3-3 draw against Inter Miami, where Burki faced off against stars like Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, he mentioned the possibility of Reus moving to MLS as well.

“I caught up with Marco before the Champions for a quick text exchange; we steered clear of transfer talk as he was zoned in on the match. However, there’s a solid shot we’ll see him in the league next summer,” Burki revealed to ESPN.

Burki added, “I’m nudzing him [Reus] a bit, yet eventually, it’s in the hands of Lutz Pfannenstiel and Carolyn Kindle to hatch the plan.”

Reus departed Dortmund after a dozen years, marked by a sorrowful 2-0 loss to Real Madrid at London’s Wembley Stadium.

Unofficial chatter has hinted at Reus’s potential transition to the U.S., opening possibilities for a rendezvous with Burki.

St. Louis’ coach, Bradley Carnell, expressed desire to rekindle the partnership though he managed expectations regarding its certainty.

“Transfer windows always brew storms of speculation. We’ve sifted through various names, pondering immediate and future fits,” Carnell shared with ESPN. “Envisioning Reus here is compelling for the squad and the league. Him rejoining Roman? It’d weave quite the yarn.”

He continued, “Yet, often, tales diverge from truth. We’re strategizing, yet as of now, the Reus rumor remains just that. But we’ll see what develops when the window swings open.”

St. Louis’ owner, Kindle, shared her excitement and skepticism, “It’s thrilling to be linked with a figure like Reus this early on. At times, I chase down these rumours myself. Although expected in three to five years, these buzzes at our second year are impressive.”

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