Euro 2024 Spotlight: Tedesco Champions Team Unity with His Committed 25-Man Belgium Squad

Belgium’s coach, Domenico Tedesco, has settled on keeping his Euro 2024 team to 25 players despite being allowed an extra spot.

The original squad announcement omitted Thibaut Courtois, star keeper for Real Madrid, while Arne Engels and Mandela Keita were summoned only for training during lead-up games against Montenegro and Luxembourg.

Although the roster could have expanded to 26, Tedungo remained steadfast with his initial lineup.

Loaded with stalwarts like Kevin De Bruyne, Romelu Lukaku, and Leandro Trossard alongside seasoned veteran Jan Vertonghen, the squad doesn’t lack firepower or expertise.

“Heading into the European Championship with 25 was a deliberate choice,” Tedesco remarked to the media. “It’s about team cohesion, and avoiding any disappointment for the youngsters was pivotal.”

Tedesco also mentioned Jan Vertonghen’s current battle with a groin injury, expressing optimism about his quick return to action. “Vertonghen plays a pivotal role for us, so it’s tough having him benched, but he’ll be back soon,” he assured.

Belgium wraps up their pre-tournament games with a match against Luxembourg this Saturday. Their quest at Euro 2026 starts on June 17th against Slovakia, with Ukraine and Romania also in their group.

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