De Rossi poised to achieve greatness with Roma, according to ex-teammate Cafu

Cafu expressed his joy at the progress of ex-Roma mate Daniele De Rossi, praising his transition to a top-notch coach. The Brazilian legend didn’t anticipate De Rossi’s coaching path but believes he can achieve remarkable feats with Roma. De Rossi took over from Mourinho in January and has led the team to nine wins in 14 Serie A matches, with just two losses.

During De Rossi’s early days at Roma, he played alongside Cafu, contributing to the club’s success. Cafu, a pivotal figure in Roma’s history, played under Capello and was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Now, he’s elated to witness De Rossi’s evolution from a player to a remarkable coach. Cafu reflected on their shared experiences at Roma and is thrilled to see De Rossi excel in his coaching role.

De Rossi has steered Roma to the Europa League semifinals, setting up a high-stakes clash with Bundesliga winners Bayer Leverkusen. Cafu predicts a tough battle between the two formidable sides but hopes Roma will shine. As De Rossi continues to make his mark in coaching, Cafu remains supportive and optimistic about Roma’s prospects in Europe.

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