Carver Assures Robertson’s Training Omission Is Just a Safety Measure

Despite his abrupt exit from their first training drill, Andy Robertson is slated to captain Scotland in their Euro 2024 debut against Germany. According to Scotland’s assistant coach, John Carver, the Liverpool defender left the session in Bavaria merely as a safety measure. The session was held at Stadion am Groben, signaling the onset of their campaign where they face the host nation on Friday.

During the same session, Lawrence Shankland also made an early departure after netting a goal in Scotland’s preparatory clash with Finland, thanks to an assist from Robertson. Carver, however, exuded confidence that both athletes, boasting a collective 80 caps, would recuperate in time to compete in Munich on June 14.

“Robertson is okay; it was strictly a safeguard,” Carver asserted. After the mishap, he and Robertson conferred, concluding that the player was struck on the ankle by the ball but would resume training the following day.

“It’s far from ideal, given our recent spate of bad fortune. I made it a point to speak with him post-training, and he was in high spirits,” Carver shared. He mentioned that Robertson was managing a minor strain from the prior match but stressed that his considerable playtime in the matches against Gibraltar and Finland warranted a cautious approach.

“Each player has their specific recuperation schedule. But he’s alright, and so is everyone else,” concluded Carver, dispelling any lingering concerns about the team’s readiness.

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