young people angry at the tragedies of emigration


A march in honor of the victims of illegal emigration was organized on Saturday 21 November in Dakar by associations united in the collective “480”, referring to the number of migrants who died at sea in one week at the end of October, according to the NGO emergency telephone. One hundred people marched in silence to urge authorities and citizens to respond.

as reported from Dakar, Charlotte idrac

Lamine Biaye wears a black T-shirt and in white the inscriptions: “# 480, Dafa Doy”, which means “enough is enough!”, He translates. “We can not sleep. I’m there with a friend. Two days later I learn that he is dead. Dafa do what! ”

This 20-year-old student in the humanities and humanities often discusses this emigration issue with his friends. “Sometimes we sit down like that and some say we do not have a job. They want to succeed, no matter what. ”

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In the procession we also meet Djiby Bah. He runs an association of artisans in the informal sector. For him, so many tragedies could have been avoided. “How is it that for fourteen days or a month we build a canoe and we take people to the edge of a beach … The state does not control.”

The authorities have promised to strengthen controls and Coast Guard. Following criticism of his silence, President Macky Sall also announced, during the last Council of Ministers, the establishment of a National Council for the Integration and Employment of Young People. Aïda Niang, from the collective 480, asks to see. “It’s a first step, but we’re actually waiting for the content,” she says. “We have realized that the immigration issue is not just a lack of jobs. people should be able to meet around a table so that we can make an overview of the situation. ”

Ahead of the resurgence of the phenomenon, the Spanish Foreign Minister arrived in Senegal on Saturday night for discussions with his counterpart and the head of state.


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