#How women destroy their marriages and humiliate men


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We all understand that love in a relationship is a give and take affair. You give love and you receive love.

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In most cases, women are most obsessed by this thing called love.
When they are in chamas or any gathering, you will hear them discussing their husbands, how unfaithful they are, how they have married another woman, how their men have mpango wa kando, how Johnny has divorced and even how a Mary is being ‘eaten’ by some Kamau.

The worst part is when they discuss their pastor and how he seems to be in love with mama assembly. All their talk revolve around love.

You will never hear them talk about how Kenya performed in the Olympics or how Chelsea will win the English Premier League.

But do you know that as much as women claim that their husbands don’t love them, they contribute greatly to it? This is why.

A good example is when a husband decides to send a love message to his wife, she will think that the message was not meant for her but was for someone else, another woman somewhere. “Utaniambia huyo ni nani” that is the reply their husbands will get instead of “I love you too”.

They will “boil” in anger and do very strange things at home, they can even burn their husbands’ clothes, smash the TV and everything at their disposal, just because their husbands expressed their love.

Thus, most men avoid getting into trouble so that peace and harmony may prevail. They normally want to express their love but they can’t.

On other occasions, some will say, “I know Baba Kamau wants to borrow some money from me. This time I will not give him.” And for sure, the woman will not answer the SMS.

She will even curse the husband and accuse him of wanting to squander her money with other women.

Another bunch of women will immediately conclude that their husband has impregnated someone and are just creating a conducive environment to break the news.

The daring ones will ask the husband, “You have done it again? “ As the husband asks what he has done, he will be asked, “Who have you impregnated?”

Some will reply by asking, “Meaning? “ As if you have written Greek to them. Does it mean they don’t understand the meaning of love?

Others will simply bring on board their demands. “I don’t have this and that or the children want this and that.” So you wonder did they not understand the message or they got the wrong one?

Some will just assume you are day-dreaming.

Other women will just conclude that the husband is drunk, “When I see such messages I know. Let him come na aniletee huo ujinga wake nitamtandika kama nyoka.”

Imagine somebody you love wants to beat you for expressing your love to them.

“What have you eaten today?” Some women will just call to ask that and the next thing they will want to know where exactly their husband is.

And finally when a husband brings flowers to his wife to please her and she tells him, “You think I am a bee, si ungenunua nyama tukule, unapenda kuharibu pesa.”

She thinks you are wasting money. To her, meat is what matters most.

Women should always be ready to receive love when it is given to them.

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