#TPLF and the people of Tigrai should now solely focus on Tigrai and lay the foundations needed to tackle the socio-economic predicaments of the State!


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The merciless defamation and attack against Tigrians by a minority of their fellow compatriots can only be described as barbarism similar to what took place during the Stone Ages.

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The fact that our youth fought for 17 years and resuscitated Ethiopia from the morass, and made it the 8th largest economy in Africa (CNBCAfrica, 2017) means nothing to these people who are utterly churlish and incredibly brutal.

While the haters are busy targeting Tigrians and the TPLF, their darling narcissist PM has been preparing the ground to hand over sovereignty of the nation to foreigners who will assume full control of the economy through their institutions such as the Word Bank and the IMF.

Sooner rather than later, the international monetary institutions are certain to compel Prime Minister Abiy to introduce austerity measures that would precipitate tax increases and job losses owing to reductions in government spending which is one of the customary requirements of the money lenders.

Further devaluations couldn’t be ruled out effecting a hike in inflation because of the unavoidable increase in prices of imported items.

The gap between the haves and the have-nots would widen causing the living standards of the poor and destitute to plummet. Previous leaders of the EPRDF succeeded in reducing poverty rate from 67.1% in 1995 to 26.7% in 2015(Source: World Data Atlas).

Tigrians are not resistant to positive changes, but the way the new Prime Minister is implementing these are designed to portray him as a saviour, whereas the TPLF and its constituents, who made significant sacrifices to transmute Ethiopia, as nothing but impediments.

As a direct result of this, many Tigrians residing outside their region have been victimised and some have been killed. Moreover, military personnel and civilians associated with the TPLF have been unfairly dismissed and, some have been placed behind bars on trumped-up charges.

What is wrong in opposing the sale of the successful Ethiopian Airlines without the approval of the electorates who are the rightful owners? Shouldn’t it be a manifesto pledge for the next general election in order to allow the voters to decide the fate of the flag carrier? From where we are standing, it appears the Ethiopian Prime Minister is simply rushing to appease those that placed him in Menelik’s Palace.

Also, why on earth do some people consider it erroneous to quiz the PM who is treating the other members of the EPRDF that he leads with utter disdain? Is it also wrong to challenge him when he wantonly drifts from agreed party policies? Is this not what democracy is all about which the PM is preaching incessantly?

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