#Togo: child killed during clashes between protesters and police


At least one person, a child, was shot dead Saturday during clashes between protesters and police in some areas of Lome including Agoè, a northern suburb of the capital, said the security minister .

“This is a child shot by individuals in a 4×4 vehicle without a license plate. Research is currently underway to find the vehicle and the perpetrators, “said General Yark Damehane.

The child was about 8 years old, he added.

There would be “another death. We do not have confirmation yet. A press release will be published in the evening, “he continued.

The main opposition coalition which did not present lists for the parliamentary elections of December 20, denouncing “irregularities”, called for new demonstrations, for ten days from this Saturday to demand the stopping the electoral process.

These demonstrations are banned by the government, which has raised the “very high risk of serious disturbances to public order”, while the election campaign has started since Tuesday.

In some neighborhoods, especially in Agoè, young people have erected barricades and burned tires. The police reacted, using tear gas, with chases in the area.

In some towns in the interior of the country, particularly in Sokode and Bafilo, young people who were trying to assemble were also dispersed with tear gas.

The coalition calls for constitutional reforms to allow the limitation of presidential terms and, in terms of legislative, the recomposition of the office of the National Independent Electoral Commission (CENI) and the resumption of all activities already conducted by this institution.

The country is going through a serious political crisis for more than a year, with massive demonstrations calling for the resignation of President Faure Gnassingbé.

The latter succeeded in 2005 to his father who had led Togo with an iron fist for 38 years.

The Evangelical, Presbyterian and Methodist Churches of Togo on Wednesday called for a “postponement of a few months” of these elections, denouncing the “non-consensual conditions” in which the poll is held.

On Friday night, Togo’s “Muslim cadres” also called for a “postponement” of these elections.


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