The ANC’s secretary general refuses to leave

Accused of corruption and awaiting trial, Ace Magashule had 30 days to leave the party or face deportation. The Secretary-General of the African National Congress, the party in power since 1994, refuses to withdraw from its political formation despite the rules.

as reported from Johannesburg, Romain Song

“The media took this ultimatum story a little too literally,” says another relativeAce Magashule. D-Day was ultimately not the one for deportation. This new delay could further damage the ANC’s image, explains Ebrahim Fakir, a political scientist at the Auwal Socio-Economic Research Institute (ASRI) in Johannesburg.

“The party will have to put a stop to it if it wants to restore any luster of credibility, especially if President Cyril Ramaphosa wants to show that he is the party’s leader, rather than someone on the ground who can delay or hijack the negotiations. . rules imposed on it. “

Ace Magashule is close to former President Jacob Zuma, whom he recently visited. He also met former President Thabo Mbeki as recently as Friday. One does not share with Ace Magashule so easily observes Ebrahim Fakir.

“The fact that his removal is delayed, in his own interests, shows that there are people who are ready to listen to him despite the risk of chaos that it can create in the party. The reality is that he has support. ”

The ANC is planning at least two new meetings to discuss the Magashule case and the other ANC members, who are also threatened with deportation. This case is as much a sign of the Secretary – General’s political importance as the ANC’s difficulties in sanctioning members accused of corruption.


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