#SWS presidential election “postponed” to December 19, becoming the 4th time the vote to be delayed


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The election of the South West administration has announced in Baidoa town that the regional administration has “postponed” to December 19, becoming the 4th time the vote to be delayed.

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The regional parliament will vote to decide who the next leader of South West will be to replace Sharif Hassan Adan who recently quit the race after he announced his resignation.

A press release issued by the Commission, said that due to the technical reasons behind the delay, the announcement was made later.

Two of the reasons for postponement for the third time; Election commission says that they needs a lot of time and that is the reason why they postpond.

The election of the president of the South West State of Somalia has revealed that the next election will take place on December 19, 2018.

According to a press release, there is no amendment made to the Committee’s progressive process, and it will take effect on the previous issue.

For example, the time that the candidates present their agenda are scheduled for Sunday antill monday without any change, according to the Commission.

Reports from the town of Baidoa, the capital of the Southwest region of Somalia, say that the reason for the delay is caused by A plane carrying the police officers landed at the Baidoa Airport on Friday.

The Federal Government of Somalia has been steadily oppressing the South West electoral electoral system, which wants to get its candidate, while at present there are two contenders.

Government backed former spy Chief Hussein Osman Hussein, former Trade Minister Abdiaziz Hassan Laftagareen and former Somali envoy to Uganda Siid Ahmed Muse held will be challenging Robow in the

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